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Sync Windows Live Calendar with Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc…(Doesn’t Work)

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Note: This post doesn’t work anymore. At least for now. I’m looking for an alternative.

Lot’s of people have been asking Microsoft to add a calendar syncing feature for Windows Live Calendar. Since Microsoft has not yet added this feature, I’m going to post a work around that will allow you to sync Windows Live Calendar with Windows Mobile, iPhone, or anything that supports Microsoft ActiveSync/Exchange, through Google Calendar and Microsoft Office Outlook. Lets get started.

Note: Updated with troubleshooting info.

Things you need:
Microsoft Office Outlook
Outlook Connector
Windows Live Calendar account
Google Calendar account
Calgoo Connect software and a Calgoo account


Let’s start on the Outlook side. First, if you don’t have Office Outlook, I’m sorry. You need it for this post. Second, your going to have to set up Outlook before you continue with this post. If it’s not already set up(as in first screen wizard), just continue without eMail support.

Now that your all ready, download the Outlook Connector here. Install, and set it up. You may need to restart Outlook. When Outlook starts up again, it will ask for you Windows Live Calendar(or ID) account details. Enter your account details, then click “OK.”

Now, if you use Outlook as your primary email program, skip this step. Your all done. If not, continue.

Look for the Outlook statusbar icon, right-click on it, then click “Hide when Minimized.”


Now, you need to sign up and download Calgoo connect from http://www.calgoo.com/connect/index.do . After downloading, install it. When your done installing it, open the program(if it doesn’t start up automatically), then click theimagebutton to set up calendar sharing.

In the window that pops up, select “Sync an Outlook Calendar with a Google Calendar,” then click “Next.”

Name the connector, then click “Next.”

Select your Windows Live Calendar email address, then select the calendar you want to sync with. For this post, I’ll use Sample Calendar. Click “Next.”
(If CalGoo can’t read your Outlook calendars, go here to try to fix the problem)

On the next screen, enter your Google Calendar user details, then click “Next.”

Now, if you don’t want to sync with your current Google calendar, click “Create a new calendar.” If you want to sync with a current calendar, click “Browse my Google calendars.” Select a calendar, and make sure it’s your default calendar, or it wont sync with your mobile phone’s calendar.

Make sure your info is correct, then click “Next.”

Select “Synchronize Now!” then click “Finish.”

The calendars should start syncing. Now, to fine-tune everything, click theimageicon, then click the “Synchronize” button. Click the “Synchronization frequency” dropdown. If you add stuff to your calendar all the time, select “On demand.” If you don’t add stuff to your calendar all the time, select “1 Hour.”

This next step is optional. Click the “Application” button.

Next, click check/tick the “Start Calgoo Connect automatically when Windows starts” and “Start Calgoo minimized,” then click “Ok.”

Mobile Phone

Go to the Google Sync website to find out how to set up your device.

That’s it! Enjoy!

If you get an error when trying to select your outlook calendars, before loosing hope, try restarting your computer. Restarting clears up and junk left in the system memory, and may fix your problem.

If restarting didn’t work, then try this: Close Microsoft Office Outlook and then run the synchronization setup. It should work now.

If that doesn’t work, go here to get some help: http://www.calgoo.com/connect/howto_vista_users.do (Thanks @ BYlvis)


Written by Andreas J.

August 13, 2009 at 2:52 pm