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A lot has changed sine I wrote my last post in 2010. Windows 8 has been released, Hotmail has been renamed to Outlook and has added Exchange Active Sync for Mail, Contacts, and Calendars into its fold of features, SkyDrive has a desktop application that makes it easy to back up files, and Office 2013 is almost out. The Microsoft landscape has changed drastically, and many of the changes to their programs and service render many of the topics I wrote about null. In fact, some of the other software that I had mentioned no longer exists.

It’s time for a new era.

I shall be retiring this blog (like it hasn’t been retired already), but will leave it up for educational, nostalgic, and research purposes. However, the story doesn’t end.

I have started up a new site, 128 kb/s down, that will continue on the legend of this site, while also introducing new types content. The goal of the new site is to reduce the amount of time one spends on the phone helping a friend or relative with their computers, instead redirecting them to one of many simple articles and media presentations on how to use certain pieces of software. There will also be discussions, rambles, and comments about all sorts of technology, how-to videos, and a Q-and-A section where readers can ask questions about any technological.

None of this content is available at the moment, but I and (hopefully) some other people shall be populating this site with helpful content soon.

Thanks for all your comments and support over the years, and I hope to see you at the new site!

128 kb/s down | http://128kbsdown.tumblr.com/


Written by Andreas J.

January 14, 2013 at 3:35 am

Posted in Tips & Tricks

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