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How to stream Netflix(and more) to the Wii(Update!)

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Almost everyone has an XBox. They are great game players and media players. Microsoft has been trying to make the XBox your primary TV experience, and is doing a good job about it. The Wii on the other hand, well, at least it has a web browser with flash 7. But, without plugins such as making it a Media Center Extender, or getting Netflix on it, my family would probably never use the Wii so much. But, we do have these plugins. And I will show you how to get Netflix and more on your Wii, for a cheap price(Sadly, it is not free). Here is what you need:

What you need:
A Wii with the Web Browser(Free $5.00)
A Windows PC with 512MB of RAM, 100MB of free HDD space, and good processor(I got it working on a netbook)
DSL or higher
PlayOn Media Server(14-day free trial, $40 to buy)
A Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or Amazon account.

This is a disclaimer: I just want you to know, before you go any farther, this is NOT FREE. I am still trying to find a free solution/alternative, but a lot of people have been asking for this on both Facebook and Twitter. If you know of a free alternative(besides pirating), please let us know in the comments, or DM us on Twitter @NysicsMedia.

Now let’s jump right in!

First, go to the PlayOn website, then click either “Try PlayOn Free!” or “Purchase PlayOn”. If you click purchase, there will be a link to the free trial. They just want to make sure it runs on your computer before you buy it.

Next, assuming you clicked “Try PlayOn Free”, on the next page, scroll down and click “Start Your 14 Day Free Trial Now”.

On the next screen, scroll down, enter your name and email address, then click “Download Free Trial”.

Click “Save” on the next screen(or window that pops up), and wait for the file to download.image

After it’s done, click “Run” or “Open”. You may have to click “Allow” or “Yes” if you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7.

In the installation window, just keep clicking “Next”, accept the Terms and Conditions, and let it install.

When the installation is done, check the “Launch PlayOn” box, and then click “Finish”.

When the window is done loading up, click the “User Accounts” tab, then enter your Netflix(and Hulu, Amazon, or YouTube info if you want…), then click “Test”.

In the window that pops up, click “OK”, then click “OK”. You’re done with the computer part! Now to move onto the Wii…

On the Wii

First, buy the Internet Channel from the Wii Shop Channel if you haven’t already. If you have bought it, open it up, then click “Start”.

When it is done loading, click “Web Address”, then enter playon.tv and push ok.

When the web page loads up, it should show a list of the computers with PlayOn on it. If there is only one computer, it will find it and automatically select it(If it doesn’t for some strange reason, click your computer’s name).

After it’s done connecting to your computer, you will see a list of icons. Click “Netflix”.

You are done! You know have Netflix all set up and working on your Wii!

Hope this helps make the Wii a better media tool. Enjoy!

(If you want to know the technology behind it, click here.)


Written by Andreas J.

October 20, 2009 at 10:21 pm

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  1. Your website is loading quite slow for me. Might just be my isp but i don’t know… anyways awesome post dude. Very helpful, many thanks. Will be sure to bookmark your blog for future reference 🙂

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    March 3, 2010 at 1:33 am

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